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MLP Trading Ltd is established to support the oil & gas, investment and trading development sectors by building businesses which stay true to our core beliefs in performance, innovation, professionalism, trust building, community and accessibility.

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What is a Value Added Reseller Service?

A Value Added Reseller is a company that sells a vendor or manufacturer’s products while providing additional goods, services or benefits for the enduser / customer. We form partnership between your company and our value-added reseller (VAR) firm - MLP Trading Ltd. As a VAR, we specialize in providing customized solutions to you – The Client, enabling you to service your customers in remote locations like West Africa. We have a team of experts who can help you to identify, tender, win work and deliver services to your customers in accordance your business development needs and budget.

What is a Value Added Reseller Service?

Benefits of Working with a VAR

As an Aberdeen-based, UK entity, our integrity is non-negotiable.

Market Research
Delivery Support
Tendering & Commercials
Workshops & Training
Customer Relationship Management
Support Customer
Market Research

Market research is a crucial aspect of any business looking to expand into new markets. As a VAR, we can provide valuable assistance in identifying and capitalizing on new opportunities in West Africa.

Inclusive Solutions to Support In-country Delivery

As VAR, we can assist you to identify, tender, win and deliver your solutions to your customer, by leveraging our knowledge of new markets in West Africa. We offer a number of benefits to our clients, including:

  • Low Fixed-Cost entry into West Africa
  • Increased delivery efficiency
  • Insights into the market & opportunities
  • Better relationship management
  • Increase footprint & global market share
Our Partnership

By providing you with access to our network, we can help you to identify new customers, develop marketing campaigns to suit each unique market, win orders and provide commercial, logistics and technical support to replicate your delivery process to your customers. A relationship between our companies would be mutually beneficial – We can help you reach your target market and grow your business, while you can provide us with the resources we need to continue to grow and serve you better.

Our Partnership
Save Time & Money

We improve your reaction time in a market that is very reactive, and usually depends on the quickness of response or “best price” to determine contract awards. We help you win by reducing your business development and customer relationship management costs, so that you only spend what is essential to make your products and services stand out in a competitive market. Our low, fixed-cost entry model allows you to focus your spending on delivering your promise to your customers without taking on unknown risks.

Industry Experience

MLP Trading have extensive experience in the oil and gas industry within W. Africa with experience working with major industry players such as Aker Solutions, Dril-Quip & Royal Niger Emerging Technologies Ltd.

Sales Expertise

Achieved contracts for VAR partners in the region with successful business development campaigns for Teledyne ODG, Viper Innovations, JDR, Ace Winches, TIS Hydraulics, SMS and Oceaneering.

UK Based Partnership

MLP Trading is an Aberdeen-based UK legal entity with an obligation to achieve the highest standards of ethical behaviour no matter where our clients are served.